2018 Urban O

Orienteering Louisville goes to the City and for something different, we are testing your knowledge of Louisville history, famous personality and a few oddities added in.    This event is open to all ages. 


Saturday, Aug 25


8:30 Registration, 9am Mass Start


Slugger Field Parking Lot NE Corner


$7 Each for Club Members, Students, Scouts and other youth groups. $10 each for all others Please have cash only at the event site.

Rules and Event Notes

Be sure to arrive at 8:30 so you have time to register and plan out your route.  You will be handed a map with 30 points on it.  At each point, there will be a question to answer that is related to the location of where you are.  You can go anyway you want to visit all 30 checkpoints but you only have 3 hours to complete the course.   This is a timed event with results.   If you are late back to the finish, you will be penalized 1 point for each minute late.   Your score will be calculated soon after the finish.